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Barbara and Leo Karas

Barbara and Leo Karas

Barbara and Leo Karas are one of the founding families of the Foundation’s New England chapter and have been a part of every major facet of the chapter.

Barbara and Leo got involved when their son Joey was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Barbara, Leo, and the entire Karas family have been strong supporters of the Foundation and have made it a family affair with three generations of family members involved with the New England chapter.

They have served in every leadership capacity from being involved with the board, the Fete of Food & Wine gala, committees, and on top of all of that they were honored as the Foundation honorees of the year in 2009. In addition to supporting the local chapter, Barbara and Leo are committed to finding cures for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and have made major gifts to support a variety of research initiatives nationally.

Joey Karas currently sits on the New England Board and has chaired the Fete of Food & Wine committee four years in a row. Joey leads by example, and both of his children have been on the chapter’s Young Professional’s Committee. Through the Karas’s families’ tireless efforts they continue to help to move the science needle forward.